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本站供云南月季苗,月季花苗,工 [2010-07-07]

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  • 产品名称:玛利亚玫瑰苗,优质彩玫进口品种
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玛丽亚原产于加拿大魁北克省,1997年首次申请加拿大专利,1999年获得批准(Patent No: 0393 on 28 Aug 1997;Application No: 95-478;Applicant: Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, St. Jean, Canada),用加拿大杰出的植物学家Marie-Victorin(1885-1944)来命名。Marie-Victorin是加拿大最早的法裔杰出科学家之一,1931年创建的蒙特利尔植物园是世界上第二大的植物园。

Marie-Victorin:Deep, peach coloured buds blossom into delicate, medium-sized, peachey-pink flowers. The peach-coloured flowers are very rare in a hardy rose. Marie-Victorin is very hardy and blooms repeatedly throughout the summer.

Marie-Victorin is a hardy shrub rose introduced in 1998. The plant reaches a height of 1.40 m and 1.25 m. It is winter-hardy, flowers abundantly and repeatedly, and is highly resistant to blackspot and powdery mildew. The unopened bud which is a deep peach colour changes to a pale peach at the blossom stage and later fades to a pink in the fully opened flower. The flowers average 9 cm in diameter, have 38 petals and are borne in clusters of 1 - 7 blooms.


A new and distinct variety of shrub rose plant is provided which forms in clusters attractive peach-pink blossoms that tend to lighten somewhat when fully open. The new variety exhibits a large arching growth habit with medium green foliage that exhibits strong glossiness on the upper surface, and good winter hardiness. The blossoms are round when viewed from above and are somewhat flattened when viewed from the side. Good resistance to powdery mildew has been observed. The leaflets commonly number seven per leaf. The new variety propagates well by the use of softwood stem cuttings, and is well adapted for growing as ornamentation in the landscape.


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